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When placing your order it is very important to know exactly what model and style your early Olds is.  Many items are not interchangeable between 2 and 4 door cars, and not always between series (60, 70, 90, 88, S88, 98).  You can find the style number on the cowl tag in the engine compartment.  Some years have the tag on the vertical edge of the cowl and other years will have the tag on the horizontal surface in front of the driver.

Style number will start with ST then the year of the car.  Usually four digits, and some will have a letter such as D or DX at the end.

Examples:  50-3727D is a 1950 Deluxe Club Coupe

                    50-3808D is a 1950 98 Deluxe Town Sedan.

While we do not always need the style number it is good information to know.

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