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As you know the 1961-66 Starfire is a very unique automobile.  The early years were clearly an attempt by Oldsmobile to keep up with the Buick Wildcat and Chevy Impala SS cars.  The very distinctive aluminum trim used on the 1962 cars has been a problem for restorers for many years.  One company has begun production of these panels, their name is JASWEST Inc, from Canada.  The above Starfire has the reproduction panels used in the restoration.  See the link below for details.

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Our catalog, 19BC, has many parts available for your Starfire restoration.  You can request a copy of a printed catalog by going to our catalog request page on the border to the left.  If you wish faster response you may download the catalog direct from our web site.  The following links will show you illustrations of the parts we have available for your 1961-66 Starfire Restoration. 

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