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Fusick Automotive Products, Inc

Manufacturer and Supplier of Classic and Antique Automobile Parts

Oldsmobile Parts for 1935 through 1977 88-98-Toronado, Cutlass-442 and Hurst/Olds parts. 

Buick Parts for 1949-60 Full Size Buick Special, Century, Super, and Roadmaster.

Cadillac Parts for 1949-76 Cadillac Sedan Deville, Coupe Deville, and Eldorado

  Licensed by General Motors to produce the Guide Lenses, 442, Oldsmobile, Rocket Symbol, Fisher Body, Body by Fleetwood, for Automobile Enthusiasts worldwide.



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Fusick Automotive Products introduces catalog B1.  Parts catalog for Buick's 1949-76.

to download catalog B1 follow this link.

1935-76  Buick interchange parts

Fusick Automotive is primarily an Oldsmobile parts manufacturer and supplier we have made items that will fit cars of our Buick friends.  The following  is an up to date list of the parts.

1935-60 Buick Automobiles

DHS578                Door Bottom Drain Hole Seal                1957-58 All, 1957-58 Station Wagon Tailgate                                        ea.

TMC557                Convertible Top Molding Clip                    1957 40-60 Convertible                                                                

WRS30                    Windlace Rubber Stop                            1930's to 60's Hardtop and Convertible Buicks                                  

WWJ507                Windshield Washer Glass Reservoir Only    1950-58 All Buicks                                                                            .

FP8                         Fuel Pump Glass Bowl                                1949-57 Buicks                                                                                

WHF03                    Wire Harness Strap                                    1957-60 Buick                                                                                 

WHF04                Wire Harness Strap  1/4" high                         1957-60 Buick                                                                                   .

WHF04A              Wire Harness Strap 5/8" high                         1957-60 Buick                                                                                   

2628                    Rear Window Molding Clip                            1954-56 52-72, 1957-58 40-50-70 Buicks                                           

8731                    Rear Window Molding Clip                            1954 41D-48, 61 series Buicks                                                               

4598597            Door Jamb Light Switch                                   1941-56 Buicks                                                                                       

DJP41                Door Jamb Light Switch Mount Pad                 1941-56 Buicks                                                                                         

982511                 Exhaust Deflector                                            1937-56 Buicks                                                                                       

VWG546              Vent Window Base Rubber Molded Gasket    1954-56 40-60 Hardtop and Convertible, 1954 Skylark                       

TM300                    Brown Chain Link Trunk Material                    1949-56 Buicks                                                                                 

5940756                Headlight Bezels  with seal                                      1949 Super-Roadmaster, 1950-52 All                                             


DLF578                 Door Lock Plastic Ferrule                                        1957 Roadmaster                                                                            

IDH548                  Inside Door Opening Handle                                    1954-58 Buick 40-60, 1954 Skylark                                               

IWH497              Inside Window Crank Handle                                       1954-58 Buick exc Century Convertible and Skylark                       


ODH546            Outside Door Opening Handle                             1954-56 40-60 Hardtop and Conv, 1954 Skylark                                            

DL505                Dome Light Lens                                                  1950-53 Convertibles, 1954-56 50-70 Convertibles                                    

DL505R            Dome Light Metal Bezel                                         1950-53 Convertible, 1954-56 50-70 Convertibles                                   

DL506                Dome Light Lens                                                    1950-56 All Except Convertible                                                           

DL506R            Dome Lens Metal Light Bezel                                1950-56 All Except Convertible                                                               

CLH622            Courtesy Lamp Bezel                                            1954-72 Buick Convertible                                                                       

CL877                Courtesy Light Lens                                               1954-72 Buick Convertible                                                                       


SP5564D            Sill Plates                                                                1955-56 40-60 Series 4 Door Sedan                                                  

SP554HS            Sill Plates                                                                1955-56 40-60 Series 4 Door Hardtop                                              

SP562D              Sill Plates                                                                 1955-56 40-60 Series 2 Doors                                                             

SP782D              Sill Plates                                                                 1957-58 40-60 Series 2 Doors                                                             

SB546                Seat Back Bumpers                                                  1954-56 All 2 Doors                                                                              

SB578                Seat Back Bumpers                                                  1957-58 All 2 Doors                                                                            

5949516                License Lamp Lens                                                1956 All                                                                                               

LLG558                License Lamp Lens Gasket                                     1956 All                                                                                                

DH57CV                Quarter Window Drain Tube                                1957 40-60 Series Convertible                                                               

DHG57CV              Quarter Window Drain Tube Grommet                1957 40-60 Series Convertible                                                               .

QW57BP                Body Lock Pillar Weatherstrip                            1957 All Convertibles                                                                               

WDT578                 Windshield Channel Drain Tubes                        1957-58 All                                                                                            

RWD578                Rear Window Gutter Drains                                1957-58 most 2 and 4 door sedans                                                           

405999                    Front Wheel Dust Cap                                        1934-36 40, 1937-39 40-60, 1940 40-50-60-70 Series                       

411143                    Lower Control Arm Bumper                                 1940 50-70 Convertible, 1941-56 All                                                


Heater Control Valve                            All Ranco Valves                    We rebuild your valve                                                                         

WWM  Wiper Motor Rebuild Service        All Vacuum Wiper Motors  We will rebuild your motor                                                                 

GB560                    Glove Box Hinge Grommet                                    1956-58 All Buick                                                                                

LG507                     Headlight Bucket Grommet                                    1940-57 Buick                                                                                     

4709879                    Door Jamb Light Switch                                       1959-60 Buick                                                                                   

DIF64                    Differential Vent Valve                                            1954-58 Buick