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Welcome Cadillac Enthusiasts:  Thank you for your interest in our Cadillac debut covering 1949-76 Cadillacs.  Many of you will associate our company to Oldsmobile, our primary business since the early 1970's.  During that time span we have manufactured over 1200 parts through our own investment tool and die process.  Several Oldsmobile 88-98 models have distinctive interchanges to Cadillac.  Nearly all power option switches, several rubber parts, door sill plates, etc are all products manufactured to our strict specifications.  In addition we provide "in house" rebuilding services for heater control valves, windshield wiper motors, power steering pumps and more.  Number stamped radiator hoses are another exclusive service offered to Cadillac enthusiasts. 

In the future, we will add many new items that will meet our product standards.  As a "GM Licensed and Approved" company, you can buy with confidence and quality.  Our same day shipping policy guarantees quick delivery to complete your project on a timely schedule.  This catalog is available free by following the link to our catalog download page, or if preferred, a paper version can be ordered by filling out the request form.   Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of a hard copy of the catalog.

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Below are a few of the items we have reproduced for the restoration market.

480IMS 1950-53 Cadillac Inside Day Night Mirror       

546 IMS 1954-56 Inside Day Night Rear View Mirror      


DHS578        Door Bottom Drain Hole Seal (4 per car)        1954-58 Cadillac               

DHS66          Door Bottom Drain Hole Seal (4 per car)        1965-66 Cadillac            

3888J            Brake/Gas Line Fastener to frame                    1930's to 60 Cadillac        


WHF03          Wire Harness Strap                                        1957-60 Cadillac             

WHF04          Wire Harness Strap (1/4" high)                        1957-60 Cadillac           

WHF04A        Wire Harness Strap (5/8" high)                        1957-60 Cadillac              

WHF05            Plastic Wire Harness Strap                             1961-67 Cadillac               

WHF06            Plastic Wire Harness Strap                             1968-76 Cadillac                .

FP8                    Fuel Pump Glass Bowl  2 3/16" dia.            Various years                       

FP9                    Fuel Pump Glass Bowl  2 " dia.                   Various years                      

4598579             Hand Brake Light Switch                        1951-56 Cadillac                         

982511                Exhaust Deflector                                    Various years Cadillac                 

6 volt generator and starter tag                12 volt generator and starter tag            Black Distributor Tag

GTB35                    Black 6 Volt Generator and Starter Tag        1935-52 Cadillac                       

GTR53                    Red 12 Volt Generator and Starter Tag         1953-64 Cadillac                        

DT35                       Black Distributor Tag                                    Various Cadillacs                        

CH496                    Coat Hook                                                    1949-66 Cadillac                       

DB48                        Chrome Door Lock Button                          1948-58 Cadillac                       

DLF578                    Gray Plastic Door Lock Ferrule                    1952-57 Cadillac                        

SB578                        Seat Back Button                                        1954-58 Cadillac 2 Door's             

LG507                        Head Lamp Light wire Grommet                1940-57 Cadillac                              

WRS30                        Windlace Rubber Stop                                30's to 60's Cadillac                      

OF490                            Oil Filler Cap                                          1949-62 Cadillac                              

924535                            Headlight Retaining Ring                        1940-55 Cadillac                              

Sample picture only

GTU506C                        Cadillac Fuel Tank Sending Unit.         1950-56 Cadillac                               

5937790                   Tail Lens Reflector    1955 Conv., 56 Coupe/Conv, 57 except Cpe and Conv. 

5945728                Park Light Lens                                    1956 Cadillac                                       

DL505                    Dome Light Lens                        1950-53 Cadillac Conv, 1959-6467 Bucket Seat       

DL505R                    Dome Lens Metal Bezel            1950-53 Cadillac Conv, 1959-6467 Bucket Seat           

DL506                      Dome Light                               1950-57 Closed Models                                               

DL506R                    Dome Lens Metal Bezel            1950-57 Closed Models                                                 

CL877                      Courtesy Light Lens                    1961-62 Cadillac Convertible                                         

CLH622                Courtesy Lens Bezel                    1961-62 Cadillac Convertible                                         

EWC6670                Door Wiring Conduit                1965-68 Cadillac                                                         


DB66                    Door Lock Pillar Bumper            1967-70 Eldorado                                                           


SP670C                Door Sill Plates with Fleetwood Emblem         1967-70 Eldorado                                                 

DB682                Chrome Door Lock Button                        1967-76 Cadillac                                                  

SP7181               Door Sill Plates with Fleetwood Emblem       1971-76 Cadillac 2 Doors                                       



RR715        Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip                                1971-76 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible     (picture for illustration purposes only)                                      

Ranco Heater Valve Rebuild                                                            1930's to 1957  Ranco Valve  Rebuild service                                                             

Vacuum Wiper Motor Rebuild Service                                                1930's to 1950's