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Cadillac Power Window, Power Seat Switches

1948-1953 Cadillac

1948-98, 1949-53, 1954-56 Power Window 4 Button Switch

4566679A        Power Window Switch Assembly 4 Button, left door 1948-53                                                                            195.00

4566679           Power Window Switch Assembly 4 Button, left door (no bezel) 1948-53                                                           149.00

4557610           Power Window Switch Chrome Bezel, 4 Button left door, 1948-53 All (may differ on Eldorado)                        49.00

4566678A        Power Window Switch Assembly, 1 Button right front door 1948-53 All models                                                   95.00

                         Rear Quarters, 1948-53 All models

4566678           Power Window Switch, 1 Button right front door (no bezel) 1948-53 All models                                                   67.00

                        Rear Quarters, 1948-53 All models

4566678           4566678 Power Seat Switch, no bezel (same as power window switch, no bezel)                                                   67.00

4557793            Power Window Switch Chrome Bezel, 1 Button, right front door 1948-53 All models                                           35.00

                          Rear Quarters, 1948-53 All models


PWB48             Power Window Switch Button        1948-53 All models                                                                                             13.50


NOTE:  The chrome bezel 4566610 may differ on 1953 Cadillac Eldorado.


1956-58 Six Way Power Seat Switches

572628A                Six Way Power Seat Switch Assembly 1957-58 Oldsmobile only                                                                            189.00

4702245                Six Way Power Seat Switch Chrome Bezel  1957-58 Oldsmobile only                                                                       49.00

572628                  Six Way Power Seat Switch with Chrome Slide Buttons, 2 spacers, and 6 retaining clips                                      149.00

                              Application:  1957-58 Buick exc 48 series, 1957 Cadillac 60Sand 62 series, 

                              1958 Cadillac 6237, 6239, 6239E, 1957-58 Oldsmobile, and 1957 Pontiac                                                               

                              will not fit 1957-58 Cadillac models with six way power seat switch located in left front door armrest.

PSSC568              Retaining clip set of 6 for 572628 Switch                                                                                                                      12.00 set