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Frequently asked questions about Cutlass/442


1970 442 4 speed W30 Convertible.


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These are the most often asked questions about 1964-72 442's.  

If you do not see an answer to your question here please email us.  Always include VIN number of car when inquiring about a 442.  This will tell us the year of the car and the model number and will help us answer intelligently about your car.

Fusick Automotive supplies parts for 1964-87 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442.


1964:    Was the first year for the Oldsmobile 442.  The option was coded B-09, and was originally sold as the the police package., Because it was and option it could be ordered on 4 doors, and 10 four doors were built with this package.   This was Oldsmobile's answer to the Pontiac GTO.

330 Cubic inch engine, gold color.  Available with a 4 speed transmission only,  Four barrel carburetor,  Dual Exhaust system.  Front and rear sway bars.  Number 1 cast on the cylinder head.  Dual Snorkel air cleaner.  442 tri colored emblems on front fenders and right rear corner of trunk lid. 

1965:    400 Cubic inch engine, color bronze.  Automatic or standard transmission and yes it could be a 3 speed.  4 Barrel Carburetor.  Letter A cast on cylinder heads.  Dual exhaust.  442 Emblems on front grille, trunk,  and on front of rear quarter panels. Chambered exhaust pipes.

1966:    400 Cubic inch engine, color bronze.  Auto or standard transmission 3 or 4 speed. 4 Barrel carburetor, dual chambered exhaust, front and rear sway bars, letter B cast on cylinder head, 4 speed cars have open element air cleaner, auto trans single snorkel air cleaner, 442 emblems on grille, rear quarter panels and trunk.  Tri-power (3 2 barrel carburetors) L69.  First time W30 option appears.  This year only 3x2, dual snorkel air cleaner, ram air with tubes going to scoops located in horizontal slots in bumper. number I 54 stamped in top and bottom of snorkel on drivers side.  4 speed w30 only.  letter B on head. battery relocated to trunk. Could be on Cutlass, or Cutlass Supreme model, hardtop, post coupe, or convertible body style.

1967:    442 was an option on the Cutlass Supreme line.  The VIN number will start with a Cutlass Supreme style number.  400 Cubic inch engine, bronze color, auto or standard trans, dual exhaust with chrome tips (chambered tail pipes), front and rear sway bars, C cast in cylinder heads, chrome air cleaner, single snorkel for auto trans, open element for 4 speed, toward end of year a snorkel-less air cleaner was adopted on auto trans cars. (lid does not completely cover base to allow air flow into filter element).  W30 had single four barrel system, chrome air cleaner with forced air system, air scoops set in around park lamps between headlights, Red plastic fender wells, letter C cast on cylinder head, battery relocated into trunk, special 308 degree camshaft causes a rough idle.

1968:    400 cubic inch engine bronze color, 4 barrel carburetor, VIN number must start with 344. (3 designates Oldsmobile, 44 is the 442 model number)  This was the first year for 442 as separate model.  Which continued through 1971.  4 barrel carburetor, Dual exhaust with cutout rear bumper, trumpet exhaust extensions,  Boxed lower control arms, letter C cast on head, red air cleaner with 442 air filter plate on top.  442 emblems on grille, fenders after wheel opening, trunk lid.  W30 had red fender wells with holes cut for air scoops, letter D cast into heads, dual snorkel air cleaner with scoops under front bumper.  4 core radiator, manual disc brakes on 4 speed cars, auto trans has optional power disc.  All W30's were built in Lansing, MI, letter M in the VIN number

1969:    400 cubic inch engine, bronze color, auto or standard trans, 4 barrel carburetor, dual exhaust with cutout rear bumper, trumpet extensions, letter C cast on cylinder head, front and rear sway bars, red air cleaner with 442 half moon decal, 442 emblems on fenders, nose, trunk.  Dual exhaust with rear cutout bumper with trumpet exhaust tips.  W30 had red fender wells, letter D cast in to cylinder head, manual disc brakes on 4 speed cars, power disc on auto trans cars, four core radiator, all W30 built in Lansing, MI, code M in VIN.  W30 and W32 had special air cleaner, dual snorkel with hoses leading to scoops under front bumper.

1970:    455 cubic inch engine, metallic blue color.  Auto or standard trans.  4 barrel carburetor, dual exhaust with cutout rear bumper..  Letter E on cylinder head.  Cast iron intake manifold.  442 Emblems same as 1969 except dash which is tri color on glove box.  442 decal on air cleaner same as 1969.  All 1970 442's have internal voltage regulator. (no regulator on firewall).  W30 package consists of Red Fender Wells, Letter F on cylinder head, Aluminum intake manifold with Oldsmobile W-455, Ram air hood and air cleaner, four core radiator, manual transmission W30's have a 328 degree camshaft and will not have power brakes. Die cast W30 emblems on fender.  Disc brakes only.

1971:    455 cubic inch engine, metallic blue in color.  Auto or standard trans.  4 barrel carburetor.  W30 had Red Fender Wells, 4 barrel carburetor,  Letter H on cylinder head. Ram air hood and air cleaner.  Aluminum intake manifold with Olds-455 in raised letters.  4 row radiator, manual disc brakes standard, auto transmission cars could have power disc brakes. Die cast W30 emblems on fender.  Letter M for Lansing in VIN. 

1972:  442 was relegated to an option on the Cutlass S, and the Cutlass Supreme Convertible.  VIN is Cutlass or Cutlass Supreme.  Only W30 has the tell tale X in the VIN.  Letter X must be in VIN for car to be authentic.  Engine could be 350 or 455, 2 or 4 barrel.  Auto or standard transmission.  Dual Exhaust standard, the 455 had the cutout rear bumper, the 350 could have had it as an extra cost option or added later.  W30 has 455 engine, Black plastic fender wells, Ga on heads, aluminum intake manifold with OLDS 455 in raised letters, 4 core radiator, Manual disc brakes standard, auto transmission cars could have power disc brakes.  Letter M for Lansing, die cast W30 fender emblem.


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