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1964-77 Cutlass 442-H/O Scripts and Emblems

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We stock the largest and most complete selection of emblems and ornamental parts available for 1964-77 Cutlass-442 and Hurst/Olds.  All parts listed in this section are manufactured by us.  Each part is carefully researched for proper size, pin location, and application.  All metal emblems and scripts are made using injection die casting methods, chrome plated, and painted the appropriate color or colors.  The Hurst/Olds plastic emblems are molded, chrome plated, painted in the original colors, and original style self adhesive backing installed for authenticity.  Our quality emblems are then inspected and licensed by General Motors. 

Recently there have been some inferior quality reproduction emblems introduced on the market.  The quality, fit and finish do not meet our standards.  Injection die cast tooling costs between $3000.00 and $6000.00 per emblem, far in excess of the cost of these inexpensive spin casting versions.

1964-65 442 Emblems:  These emblems fit on the front fenders and trunk of 1964 442's and the rear quarters and trunk of 1965 442's.  1964 owners must drill an extra hole to properly mount the emblems.  Including fasteners.   Painted correct Red-Red/Orange-Yellow/Orange Tri Color.

SE645        442 Emblem     1964-65 442 on Fenders-Quarters-Trunk     

SE650        442 Grille Emblem          1965 442                                       

1966 442 Emblems:  Three separate emblems used on the 1966 Models.  The emblems are chrome plated and painted the correct Tri-Color. 

SE66G        442 Grille Emblem        1966 all 442                   

SE66F         442 Quarter Emblem    1966 all 442                   

SE73T        442 Trunk Emblem        1966-67 all 442             



1967 442 Emblems:  Grille Bar and Emblem, Trunk Emblem, and Fender Emblems are all die cast chrome, then painted correct Tri-Colors.  Fender emblems have black highlighted centers.  Grille Bar is cropped to show detail, grille bar is 24 1/2" actual length.  Fasteners included with fender and trunk emblems.  Grille Bar Fasteners are included in the Grille Mount Package 67GMK page 101 in catalog 49C

SE67GB    442 Grille Bar and Emblem    1967 442                                              

SE67F        442 Fender Emblem               1967 442                                      

SE73T        442 Trunk Emblem                1966-67 442                                  


1968 442 Emblems:  Grille Emblem is one piece and conforms to the shape of the Grille.  Trunk Emblem is also one piece, while the fender emblems are individual numbers sold as a set to mount on one fender.  Chrome plated with satin black painted highlights.  All include fasteners.

SE68G        442 Grille Emblem                       1968 442                                   


SE68T         442 Trunk Emblem                      1968 442                                   


SE790F        442 Fender Emblem                    1968 442                                  




1969-70, and 1973 442 Emblems:  1969-70, and 1973 442's used a header panel emblem set mounted between the grilles.  Front Fender 442 Emblems were used on all 1969-73 models, and 1969-72 models also used a similar set on the trunk.  Our emblems were manufactured from high pressure injection die cast tooling.  Original factory samples were used to duplicate the brushed appearance that was missing from emblems produced from the worn out tooling used by General Motors to manufacture the last parts that were available prior to our reproductions.  Fasteners included.  All these emblems sold in set of 3 (one 442 per set).

SE234F                442 Header Panel Emblem                1969-70, 1973 442                       

SE223F                442 Fender Emblems                         1969-73 442                               

T7072                  1970-72 Emblem Location Template                                                     

1971-72 442 Grille Emblems:

Each Grille Emblem set contains 2 '4's and 1 '2'.  1971 Grille Emblem has chrome rim and painted black center while 1972 Grille Emblem is chrome and is painted red in the center.


SE71G       442 Grille Emblem (black)          1971 442        


SE72G        442 Grille Emblem (red)             1972 442       




1974-75 442 Emblems:  Die cast chrome plated 442 emblem with correct

brushed finish.  1974 442 models were equipped with emblems on the

grille, front fenders, and trunk.  1975 Emblems were mounted on each

fender and the trunk lid.

SE65F    442 Fender Emblems           1974-75 442               

SE55G    442 Grille Emblem              1974 442                   

SE77T    442 Trunk Emblem              1974-75 442             


W30, W31 and SX Emblems

1970-72 W30 Fender Emblems: This emblem mounts on fender of 1970-72

W30 option 442's.  4 1/2" long, two studs with fasteners included.  Chrome

with black painted highlights.  SE95F  W30 Emblem    1970-72 W30  



1970 W31 Fender Emblem:  For W31 equipped F-85, Cutlass, Cutlass S

models.  4" X 1" chrome plated emblem with black highlights.  Two studs

with fasteners included.  SE31F    W31 Emblem    1970 W31       


1970-71 Cutlass Supreme "SX" Fender Emblem:  2 1/2" X 1 1/4"  chrome

plated with black highlights.  Identifies 1970-71 Cutlass Supreme models

with "SX" option.

SE98F    "SX" Emblem        1970-71 Cutlass Supreme SX       


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