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1966-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass-442- H/O Exterior Parts

1966-72 Grilles-Headlight Housings-Headlight Bezels

G6668                                Stamped Aluminum Grille                            1966 442                           

SE66GB                            Die Cast Chrome Grille Bars                       1966 442                           

SE16G                               Grille Bar Rocket Emblem                          1966 442                             

HR6686                         Headlight Bezels                                                    1966 All Cutlass and 442   

FM6602                         Passenger Side Fender Extension Molding          1966 All Cutlass 442           

FM6603                         Driver's Side Fender Extension Molding              1966 All Cutlass 442            

FCL6689                        Fender Ornaments                                                    1966 All 442                      

TL6618/9                            Tail Light Bezels                                                1966 All 442                       

TLA66                                 Tail Light Housing to body gasket                   1966 All Cutlass 442           

TL6621/2                                Tail Light Lenses                                            1966 All 442                   

TLG66                                    Tail Lens Gasket                                            1966 All Cutlass-442         

SM6664B          Outside Rear View Mirror (both sides)                          1966 All Cutlass-442             

DEG667                Door Edge Guards                                                        1966-67 Cutlass 442 2 Door       

GD647                    Gas Door/Rear Plate Holder                                        1964-67 All Cutlass 442               


G6742                               Plastic Grille                                                 1967 442                                    

SE67GB                            Die Cast Chrome Grille Bar and Emblem  1967 442                                  


TL6793/4                    Tail Light Cast Chrome Bezel                            1967 Cutlass-442               

TL6795/6                    Tail Light Cast Chrome Bezel                            1967 Cutlass Supreme       

  28.50 pr.

DEG667                Door Edge Guards                                                        1966-67 Cutlass 442 2 Door       



G6840                             Plastic Grille                                                      1968 442                           

SE68G                            Cast Chrome Grille Emblem                             1968 442                              

HR6810/1                        Headlight Housings                                        1968 All Cutlass-442       

HM6877                        Hood Molding                                                1968 All Cutlass-442             

HH6870/1                        Headlight Cast Chrome Molding                1968 All Cutlass-442       

FM6882                        Passenger Side Fender Extension Molding   1968 All Cutlass 442         

FM6883                        Driver's Side Fender Extension Molding      1968 All Cutlass 442         

FM6846/7                    Fender Moldings at Top Front Edge                1968 All Cutlass 442     

PB680                              Park Light Bezel                                        1968 All Cutlass-442         

HR6823                        Headlight Bezels (set of 4)                          1968 All Cutlass-442       

FMR400                    Fender Moldings at Cowl                            1968-69 All Cutlass-442     

HCL680                    Hood Chrome Louvers                                1968 All Cutlass-442       


G6980/81                          Plastic Grilles                                                        1969 442                           

HH6976/7                        Headlight Housings                                                    1969 All Cutlass-442   

HR6978/9                        Headlight Bezels                                                        1969 All Cutlass-442   

HM6916/7                        Hood Cast Chrome Moldings                                    1969 All Cutlass 442   

FM6920                            Passenger Side Fender Extension Molding            1969 All Cutlass 442          FM6921                            Driver's Side Fender Extension Molding                1969 All Cutlass 442         


FMR400                            Fender Moldings at Cowl                            1968-69 All Cutlass-442     

HCL697                                        Hood Chrome Louvers                            1969-70 Cutlass S-442        



G7006/7                             Plastic Grilles                                                            1970 Cutlass Supreme   

SE39G                                Oldsmobile Grille Script                                           1970 Cutlass Supreme             

G7084/5                            Plastic Grilles                                                            1970 442                       

HH7048/9                        Headlight Housings                                            1970 All Cutlass-442           

HM7020/1                        Hood Extension Moldings                                    1970 All Cutlass-442       

FM7030                            Passenger Side Fender Extension Molding        1970 All Cutlass-442         

FM7031                            Driver's Side Fender Extension Molding            1970 All Cutlass-442         

FMR401                        Fender Moldings at Cowl                                    1970-72    All Cutlass-442     

                                       (set includes rubber flaps under moldings)

HCL697                        Hood Chrome Louvers                                    1969-70 Cutlass 442 non OAI   

W35                              Rear Spoiler                       1969 H/O, 1970-72 All 2 Door Hardtop                   


G7180/81                            Plastic Grilles                                                            1971 442                       

SE71G                                Grille 442 Emblem                                                    1971 442                         

HH7130/1                            Headlight Housings                                                1971 All Cutlass-442       

HR7160/1                                Headlight Bezel                                                1971 All Cutlass-442       

HM7101/2                                Hood Extension Moldings                                1971 All Cutlass-442       

FMR401                        Fender Moldings at Cowl                                    1970-72    All Cutlass-442     

G7214/39                            Plastic Grilles                                                                1972 442               

SE72G                                Grille 442 Emblem                                                        1972 442                 

G7296/37                            Plastic Grilles                                                    1972 Cutlass Supreme   


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