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Update page on new and proposed items.  Last changed May 20, 2011

Check this page frequently for updated information on the progress we are making on new items.  We will try to up date this page once a week time permitting.  You can reserve one of the first items available by using the part number and description.  We will not charge your card, but will hold one of the first items available for you and process the order at that time.  Many of these items are in stock for shipment.


1953-55 Spinner Wheel Covers Back in Stock!

HC400        1953  Fiesta, 1954-55 All Spinner Wheel Covers        550.00 set of 4.       


DRM702        Drip Rail Molding Set         1970-72 Cutlass S Coupe                    169.00 set

DRM702S      Drip Rail Molding Set        1970-2 Cutlass Supreme Coupe          179.00 set

In stock now. 




1970-72 Cutlass S-442-Supreme Trunk Molding 3 piece set.   Now in stock

TEM69        Trunk Edge Molding            1969 442-H/O only (1 pc)                               149.00

TEM702      Trunk Edge Molding            1970-72 Cutlass S/442 (3 pc)                           159.00

TEM702S     Trunk Edge Molding            1970-72 Supreme and Convertible (p pc)        159.00


1968-72 Cutlass-442-H/O Windshield Wiper Switches

1993416            Windshield Wiper Switch                1968 Cutlass-442-H/O with recessed park                    59.50

1994069            Windshield Wiper Switch                1969 Cutlass-442-H/O with recessed park                    59.50

                                                                                    (with screw retained knob)

1994101            Windshield Wiper Switch                1970-72 Cutlass-442-H/O with recessed park                49.50


No word on the 1967 Cutlass and 442 Headlight Bezels--tooling problem.

1970-72 Door Jamb Light Switch.  In Stock.

1968-72 Cutlass/ Cutlass Supreme 4 Door Sedan, standard wagon set of 4 door sill plates with screws.  In stock now.

1968-72 Vista Cruiser Front and Rear Door Sill Plates Now in Stock.

Miscellaneous headlight, power seat, power window, convertible top switches for the 1950's and 60's.


Body side molding clips and specialty fasteners for the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.




1964-72 Gas Door Assembly


GD647 1964-67 Gas Door Assembly                44.50 ea.  

Fits 1964-67 All Cutlass-442, 1964-67 88-98, Toronado


 Fits 1968-70 Oldsmobile Cutlass-442-H/O-Rallye 350

GD680 1968-70 Gas Door Assembly                44.50 ea.

GD712  1971-72 Gas Door Assembly              44.50 ea.

These quality reproductions of the Gas Door Assemblies are now in stock for immediate shipment.


1969-72 Door Panel Emblems

   SE69DP  Door Panel Emblem        1969 442 and H/O         19.50 ea.        SE702DP    Door Panel Emblem    1970-72 442 All Models    19.50 ea.

1969-71 all Cutlass 442 Door Jamb Light Switch   

Valve Cover Grommet

VC104    1964-75 D Shape Valve Cover Grommet            7.50 ea.


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