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Last week i bought some parts from you for my -57 olds super 88. They landed in my mailbox here in sweden today. I just wanted to let you know that i'm extremely satisfied with your services, i've been buying things on ebay f.a. for several years now, but never experienced this kind of service before. Delivery in just one week, that's amazing. So, thank you for the excellent service you provide!  Have a great day!

Sincerely  P-GH, Sweden.  Feb 2009

Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 1:08 PM
To: Sales

Hi Steve !!!   

     Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. 

     Just a few comments to let you know how everything went last week at SPRING CARLISLE. Let's start with JASON.   I met him last year at CARLISLE and he was there this year. I can't say enough about this guy, very professional, great personality and just a pleasure to do business with. Good people deserve to be rewarded; hope to see him again. Your setup at the show is one of the best, and that's no B.S. One of the guys I was with, a 66 GTO owner stopped by a Pontiac vendor and all they had were parts catalogs to order from, tell the sales person what you need and they'll ship it to you. NO PARTS AT ALL. NO KIDDING.  When we got to your trailer he was so impressed with your setup, quality of parts and displays, he commented "WHY doesn't everyone do it like this to make it so shopper friendly". You just blew him away. The other guy that came along was our restorer; he is very meticulous when it comes to the quality of parts he puts on the vehicle; if he doesn't approve, it's a NO SALE.  He has  been to your trailer before and was familiar with most of the parts you carry, but was VERY impressed with the items we picked up on Saturday. I KNEW from past purchases that HIS and MY satisfaction was all but guaranteed.  A special thanks to you STEVE and JASON.   KUDOS to all of you at FUSICK. Keep up the GREAT work.


R. Klem  May 2009


Thankīs Steve. You rocks as you say. Iīll promise you that I will be back with more orders. All because  of you and good service.
Hasse from a rainy Sweden


Hello Dave:

Iím a little late here on the reply.  I wanted to thank you for the advice on the Cutlass springs.  Your willingness to help is something you donít always find out there in the business world.  Car guys selling car parts is a great thing!

 Iíve only had a few orders from Fusick so far, but I have been impressed with the quality of your parts.  It feels like you guys are trying to do it right.  Iíve been restoring an old í61 Corvette and grown accustom to the fanatical drive towards originality in that community.  Iím learning thatís not so much the case with Oldsmobile. 


Again, thanks so much for your help.  I like working with you.  Iíll be back!



Steve, we were blown away with your very fast, efficient service.
You only got the order on Wednesday (NZ time) and it's in Auckland, New Zealand by Monday morn. All so fast. 
We have to pay a Goods Service Tax on the total before delivery, so we never got the order until early Wednesday morn. A few hrs out of Auckland.   
The order all true and correct and thank you for the catalogs too. I just might have to find something else to buy from you.
A Huge Thank You again to all concerned and we will definitely deal with you again. 
Have a great day.
Marie Tarran


EVERY PART I HAVE GOT HAS BEEN CORRECT,  the last call I made to order parts from my 57.  The gentleman I talked to knew the part number as I read off the description and made suggestions, good suggestions to reduce costs.   I have another order almost ready to go. I'm hoping to call it in today.
Thanks Fusick's
Dale T