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W31 numbers


1970 W31

1968 W31 Option

1968 was the first year for W31 option.  Items to look for:

Special 350 Engine. Gold color, Forced air system, dual snorkel air cleaner, scoops under front bumper, number 5 cast on cylinder heads, same as standard 350 but W31 has 455 valves (larger than stock 350).  Manual brakes only.  Letter M for Lansing in vin. All were 3 speed or 4 speed, no automatic transmission. Small crossed piston decal with the word Ram on one, and Rod on the other.  350 on bottom.  4 core heavy duty radiator.  Special high speed harmonic balancer, thicker and heavier than standard 350.  Black plastic fender wells, with holes for forced air system.  308 degree camshaft makes for a rougher idle than standard 350.

1968 Production numbers

3277 F85 Club Coupe                            38

3600 Cutlass                                        674

4287 Cutlass Supreme HT Coupe        30

               Total                                      742


1969 W31 Option

Special 350 Engine as 1968, Forced air system, dual snorkel air cleaner, scoops under bumper. Number 5  cast on cylinder head, 455 valves, manual brakes only, M for Lansing in VIN, standard trans or automatic special M38 turbo 350.  Simple W31 decal above front fender marker light.  Hood has raised blocks painted, 4 core radiator, special high speed harmonic balancer, black plastic fender wells with holes cut for forced air system, 308 degree camshaft with lumpy idle, front and rear stabilizer bars.

1969 W31 Production numbers.

3277 F85 Club Coupe                             212

3667 Cutlass Convertible                        26

3677 Cutlass Sport Coupe                     106

3687 Cutlass Hardtop Coupe                569

               Total                                        913

1970 W31 Option

Same special 350 engine as 1968-69.  OAI (outside air induction) hood as the 1970 442 W30 (W25 option).  Number 6 on cylinder head.  Manual brakes only.  Letter M in VIN for Lansing.  Standard or Automatic transmission.  Die cast W31 Emblems. Same body stripping as W30.  High speed heavy duty harmonic balancer as 1968, 1969. W350 raised letters on aluminum manifold.  442 dual exhaust bumper not standard on W31.

3277  F85 Club Coupe                                207

3677 Cutlass Sport Coupe                          116

3687 Cutlass Hardtop                              1,029

                       Total                                   1,352



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